Student Hub

Welcome to our student hub, a space for you to explore agricultural, scientific, and geographical topics in unique and interesting ways. Here, you can delve into our animations and videos, interactive presentations, and play the Biodiversity on my Land video game. This hub is designed to provide practical tips and engaging activities that enhance your learning experience of local biodiversity through a range of lenses. Select an option below to get started.

Farming Game

The Biodiversity on my Land video game challenges you to build a thriving farm with New South Wales specific information, tasks, and opportunities. Compete with other students and see how long your farm will survive and thrive. Compatible with tablets and computers.
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Interactive Presentations

Our range of presentations are thoughtfully designed to promote engaging and accessible learning. They are curriculum-linked and can be used independently or as a class, and are compatible with smartboards, tablets, and computers.
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Video Gallery

Explore our video gallery, with visual guides and animations that bring complex concepts to life, offering real-world insights and practical applications. Discover videos showcasing real-life examples of biodiversity conservation by New South Wales farmers, land managers, and scientists.
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