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Geography Lesson Plan


Stage 5

Learning Area



Geographical Knowledge and Understanding


***FREE GEOGRAPHY LESSON PLAN COMING SOON*** This lesson plan was developed to support the “Biodiversity on my Land Geography Unit”, This unit is particularly relevant to the interactions between people and the environment and the strategies for managing places and environments sustainably. This unit covers crucial topics like biodiversity conservation, ecosystem functions, as well as land management, and provides real-life examples of champion landholders in New South Wales who are making a difference. By engaging with this unit, your students will develop an in-depth understanding of what biodiversity is, why it’s crucial for ecosystem functions in New South Wales, and how to measure and manage biodiversity and land health within New South Wales. It’s a fun and interactive way to deliver the curriculum in an engaging and effective way. Students will learn about the impacts of these threats on ecosystem functions and services. They also explore strategies for mitigating these threats, such as habitat restoration, sustainable land use, and the establishment of protected areas.

Student outcomes

GE5-1, GE5-2, GE5-3, GE5-5