Professional Development

We understand that Science can be an exciting subject, but it can also be intimidating and confusing at times. To assist you in confidently delivering lessons and hands-on activities about the role of biodiversity in our local landscapes, we are offering free professional development sessions with our team of expert scientists and teachers.

Our sessions are uniquely tailored to help you seamlessly integrate STEM priorities into various subject areas and align with your curriculum requirements, term plans, and students’ needs. By participating, you will gain valuable insights into the content and effective teaching methods when using our free resources. Additionally, we will help you establish connections with local experts, such as First Nations Australians, farmers, land managers, community groups, and ecologists, to enrich your teaching with real-world hands-on experiences.

While these sessions are designed to help you know the content and how to teach these topics and connect with your local experts, they are not counted as NESA accredited Professional Development hours.

We are committed to supporting you every step of the way and making your participation as smooth and stress-free as possible, ensuring a rewarding and enriching educational experience for your students. By participating in our sessions, you will gain valuable insights into the practical applications of these concepts, enriching your teaching experience and fostering a strong connection to your community. Together, we can make science an engaging and meaningful subject for your students.

What this would look like

1. Initial Meeting: We’ll begin with an email, online, or phone meeting to discuss your priorities and goals for the term and to organise professional development sessions that best suit your timetable. Our PD sessions typically run for 45 minutes, but we’re flexible and can accommodate a double session if needed.

2. Attendance: We can cater for up to 5 teachers, and there’s no minimum attendee requirement. Whether you’re coming alone or with a small group, we’re here to support you.

Resource and Incursion PD

This session focuses on our comprehensive resources and how they align with the curriculum. We’ll cover how to effectively use these resources, make necessary adjustments to suit your goals, and explore ways to expand on the provided lessons.

1. Understanding Biodiversity: We’ll explore the concept of biodiversity to build a solid foundation for the lessons.

2. Resource-Curriculum Alignment: Learn how our resources effectively align with the curriculum and integrate them into your teaching plans.

3. Supplementary Resources: Identify other valuable resources that complement our materials and further enrich your students’ learning experience.

4. Expanding Lesson Content: We’ll discuss methods to expand on the provided lessons, and opportunities for excursions and hands-on activities.

Excursion and Community Connections PD

Delve into biodiversity’s real-world applications by connecting with the community.

1. Understanding Biodiversity: We’ll explore the concept of biodiversity to build a solid foundation for the lessons.

2. Community Engagement: Learn strategies to connect with local communities, experts, and presenters to bring authentic experiences into your lessons. Understand the essential information and support required by presenters to ensure a successful excursion day.

3. Logistics: We’ll guide you through the process of conducting risk assessments, creating running sheets, and selecting suitable sites for excursions.

4. Example Excursion Day: Get insights into organising an excursion day to enhance your students’ learning outside the classroom.

5. Additional Opportunities: Identify other resources and activities that can extend and deepen the learning experience post-excursion.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and make your PD experience enriching and valuable. Feel free to ask any questions or share specific requirements during our initial meeting. Together, we can create a successful and impactful learning journey for you and your students.