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Living World and Earth and Space


Get ready to discover the wonders of nature with the Biodiversity on my Land Box! This amazing education program, supported by the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust in partnership with Petaurus Education Group, provides hands-on resources and fun lessons that will help you teach biodiversity, conservation, and classification with NSW examples. Perfect for students in NESA Stages 1-4, this teacher resource will show you the important role that private landholders play in protecting biodiversity.

By completing the lessons, students will gain a deeper understanding of the vital role that biodiversity plays in maintaining a healthy environment, and learn how to survey, monitor, and sample the biodiversity in their own backyard. Plus, they will discover practical ways to conserve biodiversity and encourage native flora and fauna to thrive in your local area.

Completing the activities will helps students:
  • Understand what biodiversity is and the role it plays in maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Why biodiversity is important both for the native flora and fauna, but also for the health of the soil, waterways, and neighbouring land.
  • How to survey, monitor and sample biodiversity that you have around your school or home.
  • How to conserve biodiversity and encourage native flora and fauna back to your land and local area.
The Biodiversity on my Land Box focuses on the NESA Science K-6 Syllabus (2017), particularly the strand Living World. This material can be used as a guide or reference point and should not be considered the extent of the potential syllabus links for these resources. For example, written reports and presentations could be linked to the English syllabus, while creative activities could be linked to the Creative Arts syllabus.

Student outcomes

ST1-4LW-S, ST1-2DP-T, ST1-5LW-T, ST1-1WS-S, ST2-4LW-S, ST2-5LW-T, ST2-1WS-S, ST3-1WS-S, ST3-4LW-S, ST3-5LW-T, SC4-14LW, SCLS-20LW, SCLS-21LW, SC4-13ES, SCLS-13ES

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