The Conservation Champions program aims to inspire and educate school-aged students about biodiversity conservation in their local area. It is a collaboration between the Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) and Petaurus Education Group. The program is designed to teach students about the importance of protecting habitats, flora and fauna through a series of interactive and engaging activities. The program is free to ensure that it is accessible to all students and public or independent schools.
Using hands-on, local experiences to teach students about local biodiversity promotes critical thinking and problems solving, fosters an appreciation of the natural world, develops a sense of pride in their community and aligns with cross-curricular priorities. This program offers a unique opportunity for youth to learn about the biodiversity in their own communities and become passionate about preserving it.
The program involves a variety of activities, such as workshops, field trips, and educational materials. To get involved in the Conservation Champions program, use the contact us page.

NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust

The Biodiversity Conservation Trust is an organisation working with private landholders to protect biodiversity on private lands. One of their key goals is to promote public knowledge, appreciation and understanding of biodiversity, and the importance of conserving biodiversity. Our vision is vibrant private land conservation areas protecting our unique and diverse plants and animals.

Petaurus Education Group

Petaurus Education Group is a not-for-profit organisation that encourages, supports and connects our regional youth and their communities with their natural and cultural environment.

We do this through delivering a range of free learning and curriculum experiences, resources and initiatives for schools and community groups to connect with land, water, productive farming, sustainability and cultural issues at the local and state- wide level. Our team is made up of passionate registered teachers, ecologists and science communicators, helping us reach national and international acclaim in the environmental education sector.